WRSA is the national wildlife ranching organisation representing individuals in the wildlife industry. WRSA Eastern Cape’s strength lies in its members including landowners with an interest in game, game ranchers, professional hunters, hunting outfitters, taxidermists, game reserves and mixed farmers.

The Committee:

The committee represents WRSA members at all levels of farming. WRSA committee members represent the members of WRSA on provincial and local government level as well as at AGRI Eastern Cape. The game farmer's interests are promoted at various meetings regarding game farming.


Chairman Provincial Committee - Thinus Jurgens (WRSA Director) - (chairman@wrsa-ec.co.za)

Regional Interest Groups (RIGS) Chairs

Border: Vacant - (border@wrsa-ec.co.za)

 Graaff-Reinet: Katjana Ott - (Graaff-Reinet@wrsa-ec.co.za)

Grahamstown: Emmanuel Nel - (grahamstown@wrsa-ec.co.za)

Zuurberg: Melt Heyneke - (zuurberg@wrsa-ec.co.za)

Committee Members: John Hurter (Vice-Chair), Margaretha Smit (Secretary), Gerhard Heyneke (WRSA Chairman), Eardley Rudman, John O’Brien, Nonkqubela Myatula (WRSA Director), Philip Theunissen, Leigh-Ann Kant & Keth Ross

Special Advisory Consultants to Committee: Angus Sholto-Douglas & Dale Cunningham