News – “Know Your Industry – Meet Om Te Weet”


Calling all Eastern cape game farm/reserve owners & managers, including mixed & small-scale producers.

To date, our “Achilles’ heel” has been the lack of accurate & complete information about what we do on the ground.  As a result, the public is generally misinformed, and the authorities unable to support the industry effectively.  In order to address the challenges, we face as an industry, it is critical that we are able to put forward accurate information and evidence of the industry’s contribution to sustainable rural economies.

As a pro-active first step, we now have the opportunity to engage the policymakers directly, in this ground-breaking initiative along with SANBI (The South African National Biodiversity Institute) and DEFF (The Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries) in the form of a Sustainable Land Management Survey, which will ultimately inform the National Wildlife Forum and evidence-based decision making at the highest level.

Initially, a pilot survey will be conducted on game farms, as well as mixed game & domestic stock farms, in the Eastern Cape.

A team of 30 research assistants, led by Dr Matthew Child from SANBI, will conduct site visits on farms and reserves across the Eastern Cape during February & March.  Once scheduled, you will receive a detailed info package well in advance, before a team of three research assistants will visit you on site.  The site visit should not take more than three hours of your time, there are no costs or obligations, and you are encouraged to indicate challenges experienced on the ground.

For your peace-of-mind, we have assessed and confirmed ethical clearance, confidentiality, and security protocols with the research team.

Who Should Participate? All game farms, conservancies, private reserves, and mixed farms (game & livestock/crops)

For efficient scheduling and preparation, kindly supply the following information:

Farm/Business Name  
GPS Coordinates, WhatsApp Location or SG Code*  
Contact Person  
Contact Email  
Contact Number  
Nearest Town  
Game Farm, Private Reserve or Mixed Farm  

* SG Code: Surveyor General's code (21 or 26 digits) for computerized map of all land parcels in South Africa

Strict confidentiality & security protocols will apply when the research assistants visit you on the farm, and all landowners or managers, engaged in wildlife management, should participate in this effort to enhance the industry.  Our future depends on it!


To confirm your availability, and schedule a site visit, contact Margaretha Smit at 076 908 6458 /